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Egerton works towards sustainable development not only in its everyday operations as an employer and profitable organisation but also in terms of the nature of the infrastructure projects with which it is involved.

The company is fully aware of its environmental, social and economic responsibilities to its employees and shareholders as well as its customers, suppliers and the public at large. As society demands more effort by everyone to reduce adverse impact on the environment, Egerton understands the business imperative to be - and to be seen as - an aware, responsible company.
Egerton is a quality-driven organisation with a corporate mission to provide innovative support services to its customers in the utilities, communications and rail sectors. The scope of the company’s operations is focused on the provision of specialised design, planning, construction and maintenance services. The integrated management system covers all sectors. It is the company’s policy to provide a level of service and focus that exceeds clients’ expectations and delivers complete customer satisfaction.

The company is committed to:
Maintaining compliance with all relevant legislation and approved codes of practice as a minimum and to monitoring new developments to improve continually quality performance standards
Making quality an integral part of the management of the business
Managing quality issues through a structured approach including policy, processes, training and awareness at all levels
Involving and consulting with employees and, where appropriate, their representatives, to communicate effectively on quality matters
Reviewing the quality policy on an annual basis and implementing appropriate improvements
Bringing to the attention of all employees changes to the quality policy and integrated management system
Continually improving the effectiveness of the management system
Measuring customer feedback in order to generate improvement and ensure that measurable quality objectives are established and reviewed.

Every Egerton employee recognises and embraces these values.  An atmosphere of quality improvement shapes the organisation and provides unquestioned conformance with customer requirements.

Egerton is committed to safeguarding the occupational health, safety and welfare of all its employees by providing, as far as is reasonably practicable, a safe and healthy environment for all. As a responsible employer, Egerton believes that effective health and safety practices contribute directly to improved performance. It believes good safety is good business.

Its aim is not simply to comply with health and safety legislation but to attain higher standards through the adoption of recognised good practice and visible leadership on health and safety. The company is fully committed to achieving this through a programme of promoting a positive approach to accident prevention and continuously improving the management of the safety and health of its workforce.

The company recognises that co-operation and consultation at all levels is essential in promoting a positive health and safety culture and has developed systems, both formal and collaborative, to communicate health and safety matters to all.
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